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 KaMiKaZe_GRiiMe app

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PostSubject: KaMiKaZe_GRiiMe app   Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:50 pm

PSN: KaMiKaZe_GRiiMe

Rank: 4th prestige (on all accounts about 7th)

Days Played (found under Score in the Leaderboards in Barracks): probably around 8 or 9

Favorite Gun(s): UMP, Tar-21, Famas, Intervention, Barret

Playing style (e.g. serious, recreational, pro gamer): P to the R O

How many hours do you play a week? about 15

Your K/D ratio (found under Kills in the Leaderboards in Barracks): like 1.3

Map Pack(not required DLC1 and/or DLC2): both

Favorite game mode?: S&D

Do you own a mic?(suggested): YEAHHHH

Location (USA, UK, EU, Canada or other): UK

Timezone: GMT

Gamebattles username: JaMzZz-

Age: 15

Where/who did you hear about us from?: God told me

About You.

Favourite hobbies: Football, Boxing, Listening to music

Anything about yourself: Ghetts is god.

How should we contact you (Email, AIM, MSN etc.)? MSN

How active can you be on the site? (0 not a lot 10 a lot) 10

Are you interested in a higher rank position than just a member?: yeah

If you have read the rules do you agree you can follow them all: yeah

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PostSubject: Re: KaMiKaZe_GRiiMe app   Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:00 pm

Jammz was an old freind who turned enemy and now im not sure from my first clan about a year ago called fatal assassins i think

I reccomend acception but a watchful eye Wink
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KaMiKaZe_GRiiMe app
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