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 KaMiKaZe vs NCG 24/9/10

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PostSubject: KaMiKaZe vs NCG 24/9/10   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:54 am

This was harder than we expected and they cot a triple kill on the first map with a FAL across the map.

1st game was highrise it was very close. They took the lead but when we got played round 2 we were all over them. We planted 3 bombs and Kamikaze Repear killed a lot and Griime got some game winning kills.

MVP of that match was Quickzz.

2nd was terminal. We lost 3-4 it was harder and they got a very good start and we werent expecting it. We lost when reaper planted the Bomb at B unknown to the person behind him.

MVP of that match was Griime and his nice quickscope at the end was awesome

3rd match was invasion and we won that game 4-2

It was very close as we just won it 4-3 but we just got the last kill by major.

MVP is Major for ending the match and winning the game.

We won 2-1

Thanks to the participants


There motto is We never leave our comrades behind well we made them run off screaming
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PostSubject: Re: KaMiKaZe vs NCG 24/9/10   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:56 am

lol they stole my motto!!
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KaMiKaZe vs NCG 24/9/10
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