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 Recruitment Thread

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PostSubject: Recruitment Thread   Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:31 am

We at KaMiKaZe are the all purpose gamer. We use any guns going but we have 1 thing in common we all try for the best Last Kill Cam Possible. If that means running at an enemy to our deaths thats the way it is. But its worth it when we get 360 kills and No-Scopes or even a TBag from behind.

We use a one week initiation process to determine whether or not your gameplay, maturity, and participation in this clan is what we are looking for. So register at www.kamikazegaming.tk

We have 1 main requirement that is to ne active on site and on PSN. If you are unable to do this please inform a person of higher rank. We will allow you to use [KmKz] which stands for KaMiKaZe or you can amke a new PSN if you wish. E.G KaMiKaZe_Divine.

During this initiation week, you must visit the website on a daily basis. Introduce yourself in the chat box and get to know our other members as they will be your partners and friends.
These requests are to ensure that you are an active member in the clan and that you are contributing to our growing community. If you can follow these simple procedures then you are the right person for us. You will find great people and a fun place to hang out and get serious about your gaming.

If you want to join or see how we compose ourselves in games please add some of the people from the list below. That is our entire members list as of the date i post. The more higher up the list are the better quickscopers and more qualified members of the team.





Commanding Officers:


When you register and apply to join there will be initiation officers to add which will guide you through all the processes of the clan and evaluate you and decide whether you are good enoughth to join. You will serve 1 week and then you will be made a full member. Register at www.kamikazegaming.tk

We hope to have some videos up soon.


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Recruitment Thread
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