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 Rules and Expectations

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PostSubject: Rules and Expectations   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:59 pm

Thank you for your interest in KaMiKaZe. We at KaMiKaZe use a one week initiation process to determine whether or not your gameplay, maturity, and participation in this clan is what we are looking for.

We have 1 request and that is to make a new PSN account and call yourself KaMiKaZe_(insert name here). If you are unable to do this we will allow you to use [KmKz] which stands for KaMiKaZe but members with KaMiKaZe in their name or more likely to rank up faster within the clan and be of higher ranks

We will be using a 1 week initiation period where you have to visit the website and game with anyone from the clan. Please add the Initiation Officers as they will be the ones accepting your apps and seeing what you are like.

These requests are to ensure that you are an active member in the clan and that you are contributing to our growing community. If you can follow these simple procedures then you are the right person for us. You will find great people and a fun place to hang out and get serious about your gaming.

If you can follow these simple rules and expectations, please register using the Register button in the menu bar.

IMPORTANT - When you login to the site you MUST fill out the application under The Application Process in the main forum.
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Rules and Expectations
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