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 DiViNe's App

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PostSubject: DiViNe's App   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:50 am

Rank: 18
Days Played (found under Score in the Leaderboards in Barracks): 37 minutes
Favorite Gun(s): UMP45 and Intervention & Barrett as i quickscope.
Playing style (e.g. serious, recreational, pro gamer): Pro Gamer
How many hours do you play a week? 15-20
Your K/D ratio (found under Kills in the Leaderboards in Barracks): 3.02 < was 4.5 at one stage
Map Pack(not required DLC1 and/or DLC2): DLC1 & DLC2
Favorite game mode?: TDM and S&D
Do you own a mic?(suggested): Yes but i rarely use it.
Location (USA, UK, EU, Canada or other): UK
Timezone: GMT
Gamebattles username: Flanders4tl
Age: 15
Where/who did you hear about us from?: I invented it with a group of coolio people

About You.

Favourite hobbies: Long Distance running and Making Websites.
Anything about yourself: I come from london about 2 miles from chessington world of adventures. Im predicted A* in all my GCSE's and i aim to go to Oxford or Cambridge Uni. << My Overall Goal. I make clans Some go well some dont. Looking for cool people to hang with and i like the word Frazzles. So feel free to call me that. Im also Famous on Wii under the name of Flanders4TL

How should we contact you (Email, AIM, MSN etc.)? MSN: Dph611@hotmail.co.uk
How active can you be on the site? (0 not a lot 10 a lot) 8
Are you interested in a higher rank position than just a member?: I am Leader Very Happy But if there was a better one yes.
If you have read the rules do you agree you can follow them all: The rules arent to be broken i can follow them.
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DiViNe's App
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